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Choosing a daycare for your child can be nerve racking! In India, especially, although there are many excellent child care options available like nannies and babysitters, daycare turns out to be the best option. It gives the child an opportunity to develop social skills in a nurturing environment outside their homes. However, a good day care must meet certain requirements for parents to rest assured that their child is being well taken care of while they are at work.

So what should you be looking for in a daycare, to manage and alleviate your fears?

St Joseph’s Rackup Cambridge School’s Daycare has a world‐class curriculum, well‐trained teachers, top‐of‐the‐line infrastructure, meals planned by a nutritionist and  the security that every child deserves. To the parent, we offer complete peace of mind that your child is happily occupied, learning well and is cared for in a professional and secure environment.


The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017 mandates every employer with more than 50 employees to provide crèche/ child care benefits for their employees. This is a major breakthrough for working women.

Our corporate tie up offers flexible options to corporate employees in finding suitable day care programs. While this helps employees maintain their work life balance, it helps employers in employee retention.

Corporate Solutions by Rackup Cambridge

In-Campus Exclusive Daycare


We set up exclusive facility inside corporate office premises. This facility is open only for employees. We set up the infrastructure based on specific requirement of the client. Normally the infrastructure cost and the cost of setting up the centre is taken care by the client.

St Joseph Rackup  Cambridge will run and administer the centre as an operator. The employees will be provided the facility at concessional rates. While this option is most suitable for the employees, with an option to visit the child frequently.  Daycare facility will have extended timings till 8:00 PM. Curriculum will be customized to each group- all finely tuned to be as per age and developmentally appropriate. We follow the best practices to provide children with the finest early childhood education. Holidays will be planned as per the Corporate Annual Calendar.

Corporate Solutions by Rackup Cambridge

Off-Campus Daycare


Companies who are unable to provide an onsite child care center due to space or cost restrictions can utilize a St Joseph Rackup Cambridge child care solution to their parent employees. We will serve as an employer sponsored child care center. Pick& Drop facility will be provided by the school. Extended timings are available till 8:00 PM


We assist employers in developing in-campus and off-campus early child care and education. While serving prominent organizations, our services offer financially pleasing offers suiting the need of your employees.

Beyond just comfort, your employees will also experience the perks of child care. Being the best day cares for corporate in Gurgaon and having a customized corporate partnership program, your workforce can get the discount in tuition fee, emergency backup care, priority admission and more.



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