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About Rackup Cambridge School

We are St. Joseph’s Group of Schools. SJRC the best preschool in gurgaon, has been running 11 secondary schools in Northern India since two decades.

Our Chairman Dr Ajay Sharma’s aim is to provide Vedic education system blended with global best practices . We offer British Early Year Curriculum merged with Reggio Emilia approach to take best out of your kids.

Our Philosophy on early education

At Rack Up Cambridge, we encourage children to observe, think and wonder. We aspire to help every child in our care to develop as a whole person, becoming confident, happy, independent, creative and global learners. Our varied and balanced program respects each child – challenging and extending development in all areas. Each child, regardless of gender or ability, is encouraged to participate in all the activities.

Our Approach on Early Education and Childcare

The learning approach in Rack Up Cambridge has evolved from the conventional text book learning to a more blended e-learning approach with a judicious mix of hands on exploration and interactive learning through e-resources. Interactive e-learning for kids includes science, math’s, language arts, English language, environmental skills & life skills.

Reggio Emilia Approach at Rack Up Cambridge – a unique, innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education. This is a child-led hands on approach, where the role of the teacher is only as a facilitator who observes, probes students’ thinking with provocations, listens to their questions and stories, finds what interests them and provides them with a range of materials and opportunities to explore these interests further. In the Reggio Inspired approach children use many different ways to express their thoughts and creativity in the form of art, music, dance, sculpture, speech, pretend play, etc. using a variety of materials in their environment. This approach believes that children are capable of constructing their own learning, collaborating socially and communicating through their own investigations, with the environment as their third teacher.

In our school we are using a multisensory teaching technique. Multisensory teaching technique is effective for all aged students. Multisensory learning approach helps a child to learn through more than one sense, especially the use of touch (tactile) and movement (kinetic). This helps the child’s brain to develop tactile and kinetic memories to hang on to, as well as the auditory and visual ones.


  • Encourage children to explore, experiment and express
  • To prepare the strong foundation for the beginners and targets to create a generation which is ethical, having courage to express them freely
  • Stimulate thinking and learning through varied experiences
  • Educationally Prepared to match any competition which ensures that they feel comfortable in national and international scenario


To provide Vedic Education blended with best global practices based on British EARLY YEARS curriculum

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