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Our Approach

Our Approach

Learning Is A Dynamic Process Which Should Extend Beyond The Four Walls Of The Classroom. The Child Should Be Allowed To Explore And Look For Answers Themselves. Education Should Therefore Nurture Natural Talents Of The Children And Encourage Them To Think Beyond Boundaries. The Process Of Learning Will:

  • Focus On Learners Making Discoveries Independently Or As Members Of A Group.
  • Encourage Asking Questions, Experiment, Use Trial And Error, Discuss And Evaluate.
  • Assist The Learners To Find Their Own Answers Rather Than Just Learn Facts.
  • Promote The Creative Thinking And Problem Solving Skills In The Learners.

 We Therefore Name Our Curriculum As “Exprobe: Explore + Probe”


Our Early Learning Goals

Early Learning Goals Set Out What Most Children Are Expected To Achieve By The End Of Early Years. They Help Our Teachers Focus On What Children Need To Learn. There Are Six Broad Areas Of Learning.

  • Language Development
  • Mathematical Development
  • Knowledge Of The World
  • Creative Development
  • Motor Development
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Our Unique Features

  • Strong parent teacher connect
  • Foreign Faculty and Language
  • Reggio Emilia Approach
  • British Early Years Curriculum
  • Modern kid’s gymnasium
  • World class infrastructure
  • High standards of security
  • Fresh and organic meal
  • Eco-friendly kitchen garden
  • Innovative learning centres

Our Routines And Activities

We believe that Care And Education Are Equally Important In The Experience Which We Offer Children. The Routines And Activities That Make Up The Pre-School’s Session Are Provided In Ways That:

  • Help Each Child To Feel That She/He Is A Valued Member Of The School.
  • Ensure The Safety Of Each Child.
  • Help Children To Gain From The Social Experience Of Being Part Of A Group.
  • Provide Children With Opportunities To Learn And Help Them To Value Learning.

Day Care

  • Good Reputation
  • Established Ground Rules
  • Stimulating Curriculum With Inspection
  • Qualified & Caring Staff
  • Healthy Food
  • Clean, Safe Facilities
  • Best Nurturing

Our Curriculum

Education should nurture natural talents of the children and encourage them to think beyond boundaries. We therefore name our curriculum as “Exprobe: Explore + Probe”

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